05 March 2014

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the only website for Free Kundli, Kundli milan, No Hidden Cost, online kundli generation, Horoscope, Match making. Totally FREE with best results and reports

The free online Kundli and Vedic Indian astrology website TheKundli.com
You can generate web horoscope reports, just like astrology softwares easily online using this site. We offer you horoscope generation over internet using this website, you can also open this website in your mobile or tablet net browsers and can view the same online reports there. Many free reports we offer are generally provided as paid service on some other astrology websites, but here, there are no hidden costs, even if you print it for personal usage. Also you will find the interface of this astrology website very easy to use and simple to operate by anyone.

Generate Indian Vedic Astrological Reports free or free Online Horoscope Reports using this section. You can also print reports for personal usage using this website without paying any charge. Futher these online kundli reports can be used for online study of Horoscope analysis anytime, anywhere on internet. Generate Horoscope online easily with us. This section of reports include...

  • Lagna Chart, Planet Position
  • Moon and Navamsa Charts
  • Shodash Varga
  • Shadbala
  • Ashtak Varga
  • Vimshottari Antar Dasha
  • Vimshottari Pratyantar Dasha
  • Yogini Dasha Study
  • Gemini Dasha

  • KP Charts
  • KP Planet Significators
  • KP Bhav Significations
  • Predictions
  • Character Analysis: nature, habits, finance, health etc
  • Manglik Dosha
  • Kaalsarpa Dosha
  • Daily, monthly, yearly predictions
  • Gems compatibility
  • much more..

    Online Match Making or Kundli Milaan for Boy/Girl wishing to marry or want to find out there match and future compatibility with each other. You can generate free online astrology reports here foronline Kundli Milaan. Includes...
    • Lagna Charts & Planet Positions
    • Moon and Navamsa Charts
    • Ashtkoot Guna Milaan
    • Manglik Dosha Vichaar
    • Ashtkoot Vichar/Match Predictions
      • Nature and Habits
      • Financial Affairs and Activities
      • Friendship, Love and Marriage
      • Health and food
      • Other known facts


    Best Astrology Software kundli chakra 2012 available in standard and professional edition. Jyotish ka sabse acha software

    Yes Kundli Chakra 2012 is the best astrology software today. As the name suggests, released in 2012.. is the best of all available in market. It is having many features that you can find in others, and also many best features that you cannot even imagine.

    One of the best solution in astrology software. Just check it out yourself to find more about kundli chakra 2012. LAST UPDATED RELEASE OCT 2013 having the below features..
    • Horoscope
    • Match making
    • K.P. System
    • S.P.S. System
    • Jaimini System
    • Horary (Prashna) Analysis
    • Numerology - Predictions
    • Numerology - Compatibility with Partner and Calculations 
    • Lal Kitab Analysis
    • Lal Kitab Varshphal Analysis
    • Muhurta Analysis
    • Sarvato Bhadra Chakra - ancient indian methodology for predictions using vedha
    • Naamkaran - Vedic method
    • Naamkaran - Western method
    • Transit Study with various worksheets and animated transit
    • Transit Graph for financial astrologers
    • Transit Wheel (detailed chart wheel with nakshatra & all aspects) also used in western astrology
    • Time Correction
    • Events Study
    • Detailed Predictions (Lagna, Tatwa, Planet/House, Nakshatra,  General Predictions-Nature, Financial, Love, Marriage, Health, Food etc)
    • Dasha Predictions with details for 120 years
    • Bio Rhythmic Charts, including I-Ching Rhythms 
    • Varsphal for 120 Years with predictions (Annual Chart Predictions)
    • Ratna (Gem Stone) Suggestions & Mantra Remedies with details
    • Yantra - for all planets with printing facility
    • Sade Sati detailed with Remedies
    • Manglik Dosha
    • Kaalsarpa Yoga
    • Utilities -Sunrise/ Sunset, Rahukaal, Panchang, Hora, Chaughadiya, ephemeries, detailed position of particular planet...etc Using utilities, you can also generate professional book style panchang, rahukaal, sunrise/sunset and ephemeries reports too.
    • Specially designed Colour / Black & White Printout
    • Page Designer & Model Printing Facility
    • Easy Printing of reports in A4, Book Size, Double Side Printing.
    • More than 1000 pages of reports including Varsphal
    • Export reports to PDF/JPEG/BMP and email them to clients
    • Finally, here comes the new release of Kundli Chakra 2012 Professional a complete package for astrologer. Best astrology software which is XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 (32 and 64 bit) compatible.
    Find complete details and more info at:


    Available in download and CD both versions. No need of any dongle or any such stupid locks. Runs directly.

    27 March 2012

    Manashosting review - A BIG FRAUD company, making india down

    I was user of manashosting since 2008, but after 2010 i started getting problem.
    Many times there sites get down. They block your account for no reason and ask to provide payment proofs again and again. All your clients will be unsatisfied as they take 24-48hrs then to restore.

    many times my sites remain down for 4-5 days, and they said its a routine checkup. Ok for us, but will our clients listen this? no way, they will pull money back from us.

    Its a curse to take Reseller package from them, as you will never be satisfied with the after sales service. Even the technical staff is full of stupid people, i was asking for problem for asp.net issue, web config and permissions and they told its issue of access database, even when access database was not used in site.

    There is always one or two persons whenever you call for technical or sales, mostly santosh or priya and they boast of no. 1 company in india... all fake promises

    Don't ever buy manashosting packages.

    At time of payment they will call you 4-5 times a day. and will continue untill you make payment. Then no support, nothing. All they want is to suck your money.
    I have my domain purchased from other company, even then they are telling me that is it not available and buy it from us for Rs 760 with late fee, oh why would i, i already purchased it for Rs 490 3 months back. They even dont have updated data, just want is money.
    It is very difficult to hold my clients now, so i am buying space from some other company, i can no more wait for manashosting.

    All those who are fed up with this company can contact me to file a case. This company should be shut down, so that others are not cheated like us.
    You can comment me with your email address.
    you can email me or put your comments here so that all can read it.
    Due to such companies, some international buyers dont trust indian sellers, and dont buy from India. Such companies should not exist in our country.

    16 March 2012

    Hyundai EON petrol and CNG review

    Finally EON with Petrol and LPG variants
    Hyundai has finally launched it new EON also Dlite + which also features LPG. After several review, we can say that this is really giving competition to Alto, Beat, Spark and other small segment cars as it has 17-18 city average in Petrol. Average, mileage good, looks good, interior also good. But thing is only 800cc engine. Anyways, average is most important for such typo cars, I dont have to go and race with it obviously. Overall A+ car. 9 out of 10

    However Hyundai has launched LPG variant but me and other hyundai lovers are still too waiting for its CNG version. It EON CNG is going to give good mileage. I contacted to Hyundai but they are not sure about CNG in eon, but getting it from outside will damage its warranty ofcourse.
    Hyundai EON LPG D Lite Plus

    It is a smart looking car which promises a lot of features and decent performance from its little 56bhp, 814cc, 3-cylinder motor. However with rising fuel costs, an ARAI claimed fuel efficiency figure of 21.1kmpl doesn’t seem too good to lure in extra conscious buyers. Hence an LPG version of the Eon is getting ready to make its appearance.

    Hyundai EON LPG D Lite Plus

    Hyundai EON LPG D Lite Plus

    Kundli software free download demo available

    Kundli Chakra 2012 - Professional
    ...A compilation of Indian Vedic Astrology

    • Horoscope
    • Match making
    • K.P. System
    • S.P.S. System
    • Jaimini System
    • Horary (Prashna) Analysis
    • Numerology
    • Lal Kitab Analysis
    • Lal Kitab Varshphal Analysis
    • Muhurta Analysis
    • Sarvato Bhadra Chakra - ancient indian methodology for predictions using vedha
    • Transit Study with various worksheets and animated transit
    • Transit Graph for financial astrologers
    • Transit Wheel (detailed chart wheel with nakshatra & all aspects) also used in western astrology
    • Time Correction
    • Events Study
    • Detailed Predictions (Lagna, Tatwa, Planet/House, Nakshatra, General Predictions-Nature, Financial, Love, Marriage, Health, Food etc)
    • Varsphal for 120 Years with predictions (Annual Chart Predictions)
    • Ratna (Gem Stone) Suggestions & Mantra Remedies with details
    • Yantra - for all planets with printing facility
    • Sade Sati detailed with Remedies
    • Manglik Dosha
    • Kaalsarpa Yoga
    • Utilities -Sunrise/ Sunset, Rahukaal, Panchang, Hora, Chaughadiya, ephemeries, detailed position of particular planet...etc Using utilities, you can also generate professional book style panchang, rahukaal, sunrise/sunset and ephemeries reports too.
    • Specially designed Colour / Black & White Printout
    • Page Designer & Model Printing Facility
    • Easy Printing of reports in A4, Book Size, Double Side Printing.
    • More than 1000 pages of reports including Varsphal
    • Export reports to PDF/JPEG/BMP and email them to clients
    • Finally, here comes the new release of Kundli Chakra 2012 Professional a complete package for astrologer. Best astrology software which is windows 7 (32 and 64 bit) compatible.

    • Useful for beginners, Students, Researchers and professional Astrologers.

    • Kundli Chakra 2012 is a specially designed complete professional astrology package which will make you free from scrolling pages, wasting your research time in searching reports, carrying USB dongles or CD locks, looking for specific charts while analysing horoscope and exploring dasha clicking next..next..next.. etc. Many features in this software like tools, utilities, worksheets are developed after research and analysis of professional usage of an Astrologer, to unleash your predictive power and concentrate more on analysing charts for a quick and accurate horoscope interpretation, with just a click.

    • The exclusive and Special features in Kundli Chakra makes it unique and more useful than other Astrology softwares which are 4 times more expensive and complicatd to use. The flow and interface design of Kundli Chakra always focuses on quickly accessing charts and professional environment to study all at one screen. Thus with no special technical computer knowledge, anyone can easily use this software and get a professional experience.

    • More, the software is updated from time to time to give you the best astrology software experience. You can also directly contact us and request any feature you think should be added in Kundli Chakra. All the future updates in this version and full support are provided for free with no hidden costs.

    Whats new?
    Kundli Chakra 2012 comes up with many new features, utilities, tools and reports:-

    - Muhurta: Now, you can easily find the auspicious time to begin any work easily with Muhurta Analysis worksheet of this program. It is specially designed to find a perfect combination of nakshatra, yog, tithi, var, karan, etc. Astrologers can even define their own combinations and can study minutely with details to find a perfect timing with this special feature.

    - Lal Kitab: Lal Kitab based planet position, lagna chart, moon chart, varshphal pages and charts based on Lal kitab, can now be easily prepared with this program.

    - Horary (Prashna): Horary system or Prashna Kundli is used to answer the queries/questions of clients. Using this program, you an now easily create Prashna charts, cusp position, significations and other reports easily based on KP number, real time chart, customised lagna etc.

    - S.P.S. System: SPS system is a research based system for generating planet position, planet significations, dasha significations and other charts for predicting horoscope.

    - Sarvato Bhadra Chakra: Special interactive Sarvato Bhadra Chakra with vedhas and planet details on chart. Easy to use and predict. Sarvato Bhadra Chakra says that it is capable of showing immediate results, which can be verified and that this Chakra enlightens the Three Worlds. it is used for (i) predicting the price ranges of commodities like Cotton, Gold, cereals and food stuff etc. (ii) the future of nations, results of battles etc. for purposes of political astrology (iii) predicting events concerning a natives future, though to a limited extent.

    - Worksheets: specially designed astrology chart combinations to study and predict easily. Now, you can view various worksheets and can even change its charts to customise it as per your requirements. The program is already loaded with many inbuilt worksheets for study.

    - K.P.& Events special worksheet : K.P. worksheet and Events worksheet are specially designed for study with significators.

    - Birth Worksheet: This is more advanced and better Birth worksheet for quickly studying charts at one single place. It also helps you to study graha drishti and planet position on charts and explore into any dasha period with just a click. The Free kundlichart rotation allows you to rotate chart for particular House/Subject study.

    - New Match Making: You can now directly open saved birth data of male and female and continue for match making. Also the data saved in match making can be further opened on for Horoscope or Kundli reports. Days of entering data are ended now, once saved can be used for both. More, the Select Partner option now allows you to directly change partner (open data of another male/female).

    - Page Designer: It is used for making your own style printing pages. You can now easily drag and drop charts to pages and create your own style page for printing. It also allows you to resize the charts to any size on the page as per your requirement. More, you can even resize the page size to book, pocket, A3 or any bigger or smaller page size, and can create your own printing page accordingly. You can now independently design the reports as per the charts size or page size you like.

    - Add Events & Notes: Astrologers can now easily add notes and events related to the birth chart in display and can further save it with birth data.

    - Resolution Independent program: this program now offers charts and reports which are resolution free. This means, which ever is your screen size 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 or any high resolution, you can easily view your charts and worksheet on full screen. Thus making it easier to view and operate charts. Also the worksheets are specially designed to fit any size as you like, you can even restore the program and resize it on your window to any size you like, and can easily run some other program on rest of the screen, both together.

    - Export selected pages: the export section is updated with selection of pages to export. This means, now you can easily select the particular pages you want to export to PDF, BMP or JPG. Only select the pages you want to send to client and then export it.

    - Shortcut keys & faster access to reports: Most used functions now comes up with shortcut keys. Just press the shortcut related to that page or function and it will start. Like for New (Ctrl + N), Open (Ctrl + O), Save (Ctrl + S).

    - Resizable Tools: now you can easily resize the charts from the tools section and place it according to your screen. You can also resize individual charts to full screen, which is very useful while group discussions or teaching astrology lessons in institutions.

    - Customised Border Style; Select from any border style or background to be used for printing reports.

    - New Printing reports and best quality printouts: many new printing reports have been added and also the program now gives you best quality printouts, when you print from any printer - dot matrix, laser or inkjet printers. Also the "Print Option" now allows you to customise the print reports with footer, header and page numbers printing.

    - New Interface design, with better looks, graphics and ease of use. The welcome screen is one of the feature of new interface, which offers all what is required to get it started quickly and easily when you start the program.

    - World cities lattitude, longitude data of 2.5 lakh places around the world. There is no need to buy any additional atlas for the program. The inbuilt atlas comes free and quickly searches directly from its large database.

    Kundli Chakra 2012 gives you a complete solution of Vedic Astrology to generate professional reports and quickly analyse and predict horoscope of clients and others.

    Main Features:-
    Horoscope: Planet position, Detailed Birthdetails, Moon & Navamsa Chart, Chalit Chart, Sudarshan chakra, Shodash Varga, Aspects of planets, Karaka Awastha, Tara Chakra, Ashtak Varga, Sarvashtak Varga, Trikon Shodhan, Shadbala, Bhavabala, Vimsopak Bala (Shadvarga, Saptavarga, Dashvarga, Shodashvarga), Naisargik, Tatkalik, Pachda maitri, Upgrahas & Arudha..etc
    Vimshottari Dasha (antar, pratyanta, sooksham), Yogini Dasha, Aaditya Dasha, Lagnam Dasha

    Jaimini System: Arudha Chart, Aspects, Argala Vichar, Planetary Argalas, Char Karakas, Karkamsa, Char/Gemini Dasha etc.

    Varshphal Charts, Positions & Predictions for 120 years

    KP pages : planet positon, houses position, Bhava karaka, Graha Significators, Ruling planets etc

    Lal Kitab Charts/reports

    Lal Kitab based Varsphal charts/reports

    Numerology with predictions (Character, Finance, Vocation, Health, Marriage & Friends, Husband, Wife, Fotunate Days, Lucky Colours/ Jewels/ Stones, Important Years, Drawbacks etc.

    S.P.S. System: SPS System worksheets provides special charts, planet significators and dasha system etc to quickly predict horoscope.

    - Sarvato Bhadra Chakra: Interactive sarvato bhadra chakra with natal and transit position
    to quickly study all vedha combinations and predict quickly the stock movements and other financial studies. Clicking on the nakshatra gives full details of vedha formed, also each planets details given on the same chart. All study at one place. You can also move the planets of Birth Chart or Transit Chart in Sarvato Bhadra Chakra easily as per your requirement or can even refresh the transit automatically with real time.

    Muhurta Analysis: Specially designed for minute analysis of each Muhurta. Also allows astrologers to define their own muhurta and nakshatra, karan, yog, mas, tithi, lagna combinations as shown below... This feature is specially designed for Astrologers for accurate muhurta analysis, with facility to step through (+ -) hour, minute, second, day, week, navamsa, or even lagna (Lagna Shuddhi).

    Prashna Charts (Horary): Horary or Prashna Kundli is well known method for predicting horoscopes and questions. Prashna charts and worksheets can be prepared based on: Horary (KP) number, Real timing and customised settings for Lagna and KP system, SPS system..etc. You can also define your own Lagna and continue.

    Transit: Specially designed transit worksheets. Also features Transit Graph useful for financial astrology and Detailed Transit Wheel with aspects, nakshtra, rashi, charan. On transit wheel (as shown in image) you can also select aspects to show with colour option and detailed study of Birth & Transit planets on Chart Wheel, with zooming facility to watch each planet and its aspects clearly. This is a specially designed Chart wheel, made after special analysation, for astrologers to quickly study planetary movements and aspects to make accurate predictions. Also the Zoom feature helps to clearly see each and every minute detail of aspects and planetary moves.

    Manglik Dosha, Yantra - Mantra - Ratna(Lucky stones) suggestions, Sade Sati periods, Sade Sati explained, Sade Sati Remedies, Kaalsarpa Yoga, Tatwa based / General Characteristics(Nature, Financial, Health..etc), Nakshatra Phal, Graha Phal/Bhavfal, Numerology, etc..

    VARSHPHAL (Annual Chart) for 120 years with Predictions, various charts & reports.

    Utilities -Sunrise/ Sunset, Rahukaal, Panchang, Hora, Chaughadiya, ephemeries, detailed position of particular planet...etc Using utilities, you can also generate professional book style panchang, rahukaal, sunrise/sunset and ephemeries reports.

    Match Making : Planet Position, Dasha, Guna Dosha, Ashtkoot analysis, Manglik Dosha, with detailed Girl/boy predictions (physical features, character, family life, health etc)

    Special Features, Reports & Tools for Professional usage:-
    - Worksheet: Specially designed worksheets for Astrologers with facility to change/rotate charts with significators study. This is one of the most desired feature an astrologer requires which makes analysing charts, quick and easy with full focus on each subject.

    - Printing of Worksheet : You can print the worksheet in display for studying on landscape layout of page.

    - Muhurta analysis: Astrologers can define their own muhurta. Find auspicious timing for any date and can further minutely analyse each so found muhurta for accurate and best selection of Muhurta.

    - Event Study: Easily add events like date of marriage, child birth, date of death in family, accident, fathers date of birth etc. Then further events worksheet will help you easily study charts for various life events with birth chart. This is also helpful in birth time rectification.

    - Time Rectification: Edit date time on any worksheet, or print report quickly with intervals of hours, minute, second, days etc to rectify time and study various planetary movements on any page.

    - Multiple Horoscope / Kundli : This special feature allows you to open multiple Horoscope charts in same program. You can also compare multiple charts quickly using this feature or can comparitively study both by aligning their windows cascade or vertical.

    - Interactive Chart Study: The Birth Chart is specially designed to give you information about the planet on chart itself. Also there is no need to click any planet. Just take your mouse to the desired planet on chart, and you will get its information like Drishti, Nakshatra lord, sublord, nakshatra etc. Nakshatra and degrees are also aligned along with planets. This helps you to quickly analyse chart, as shown in image below... It is also useful for beginners to study charts quickly. Also as always in Kundli Chakra, it features special chart rotation feature, i.e. when you click on any rashi... to make it lagna, thus can study various houses and subjects easily.

    - Quick Dasha Navigation : special dasha study tool to quickly access any period of dasha, any date or any antar, pratyantar, sooksham period directly with just one click, saving lot of time and quickly analysing clients charts. Also it features interactive display of dasha planets with full details and signification for ease of astrologers.

    - Transit Graph: It is one of the special requested feature of many astrologers. It is used for studying financial astrology (stocks and commodities..gold, silver) as per the transit graph and Dasha.

    - Tools: Study charts, Dashas, anywhere, anytime, on any page/worksheet, at any position on the screen for quick references & analyses, saving time and concentrating more on charts.
    Tools are a special feature invented and designed in Kundli Chakra software specially for astrologers and to study charts at any place in the program. Lets say, while studying Ashtakvarga worksheet, you want to see lagna chart or dasha? or while seeing printing reports or predictions, you want to see other charts too.. you can just open it there at same place from tools.

    - Conversion Facility - Ghati - Pal - Vipal to Hours - Minutes - Seconds and vice-versa.

    - Backup - save the Birth Data for re-insallation & Import facility to import birthdata from others.

    - Printing - Specially designed Colour / Black & White printouts, you can also print with shades or with plain pages.

    - Printing Double Side Page: You can easily print on both sides of pages with print options like even pages, odd pages, reverse printing. Also it allows you to print particular pages in range like 4-10, 15-20...

    - Printing Book Style pages: You can print any page or Model in Book size easily this software. Model printing allows you to print pages of your choice in book style either single page or dual page per sheet. You can also easily print double sided book style report without any special technical knowledge, i.e. 4 pages of report on one single Sheet.

    - Model Printing: It allows you to select particular pages as required and create group of pages known as models. Thus you can make your own printing models for printing reports. More, there is no need to follow the sequence that comes up in astrology softwares as the sequence of pages to print can also be changed using model printing facility, i.e. you can decide whether to print planet position or birth details first then which page to come next...etc.

    - Header and Footer settings: add your company name and contact on footer of pages. This program also allows printing of reports without header and footer. You can even remove page numbers in printing.

    - Page Designer: Make your own page with Page designer. This ends to your dependency on other astrology softwares for printing reports as you can easily make your own printing page style. There is no requirement of any special or technical computer knowledge to design page. Page designer allows anyone to easily make your own page. Just Insert-Drag & drop any chart in page designer and further resize charts to the size you require for printing on the page. As you can see below, we have combined various charts lagna chart, bhav spasht, shadbala graph, prastar char, ashtakvarga.. Similarly, you can make your own combination of charts and make your own page for professional usage.

    - Multiple page size for reports: A3 and other page size can easily be made using Page designer. This feature allows you to define your own page size and design the page according to your requirement.

    - Export - Save and export reports to PDF, JPEG or BMP formats and email them to relatives / clients.

    - Import other charts and easly switch to Kundli Chakra : Users of old versions or other softwares developed by Horizon aarc, no need to worry about your already existing data or saved kundli. Import feature is specially designed to allow you import existing saved birth data so you no need to type all that again. We also provide support for importing many formats birth data saved using different softwares and convert it to use in Kundli Chakra easily.

    - Composite Matching: Match 1000’s of girl/boy data on same page. No need to keep scrolling pages. Directly change desired data quickly on same page.

    - Direct Storage of Birthdata in Groups and folders on computer. Freely store the birth data at any media or drive. This means that you can even store the clients birth data to usb device (Pen Drive) or anywhere on hard disk and can further easily open/access it directly in the program. This also allows you to store your private or personal data at some different location/media for future use.

    - Specially Designed Multiple Chart combinations in worksheet. Some of them are:

    SPS worksheet, with detailed significators, very useful in predicting horoscope.

    Divisional Charts, all at one place, further you can also change the charts in worksheet or can call dasha or other charts to study too, with it.

    Panchang worksheet with Geogrophical details, panchang, avakada chakra, hora, chaughadiya, rahukaal etc. all at one place.

    A Special Calendar worksheet showing Nakshatra, Tithi, Yog with Vimshottari Dasha generated on Calendar for quick and easy view.

    - Inbuilt database of many celebrities, actors, politicians for study.

    - 2.5 Lakh World cities Lattitude and Longitude Atlas. It also allows you to manually add new or delete/edit places, states...

    - Chartstyle: North / South / Bangla (East Indian)

    - War Time Correction database

    - RAHU /KETU settings

    - Ayanamsa - N.C. Lahiri, B.V. Raman, K.P., Manu, Sayan, SPS ayanamsa

    - Language : English and Hindi

    for demo request, email to: horizon_aarc@yahoo.com

    27 November 2011

    Vivaha Sutram 2 - marriage software to find your date of marriage

    Want to know your date of marriage ?

    Vivaha Sutram is a marriage software based on vedic nadi astrology for calculating probable date of marriage.
    This marriage software is a revolutionary research by Acharyasree Pawan Chandra.
    • Find probable marriage periodwhen will you be married
      A Solution to find your vivaha or marriage here with Vivaha Sutram
      Study the periods of Marriage coming in your Life
      Know period of Early marriagelate marriage (vivaha) in your life cycle with marriage software vivaha sutram
      Provision to study Horoscope Varga Kundli and Dasha-Antardasha charts.
    • Provision for the study of the Gochar of the likely date of marriage.
    • Important landmarks in your life (date, month and year etc.)
    • Provisions to print the results obtained, or export in PDF format to generate reports and send to client.
    • Basic philosophy related to marriage and other related writings.
    • A vital write-up on the issue of matchmaking.
    • This marriage software provides you periods in your life when there are chances of your marriage.
    • Tested with thousands of examples, marriage software provides you most probable period of your marriage for all age groups. Even you are married and still searching for marriage, then you can search for late marriage, second marriage period also using this marriage software.

    Language: Hindi & English
    Charts: North / South/ Bangla

    21 December 2010

    TOYOTA ETIOS reviews, images, drawbacks, advantage, interior, exteriors, finnally launched, Price and all details

    I have been waiting long for this Sedan, watching images and looks of ETIOS. Finally Toyota has launched Etios, with a musical note the BEST Musician A.R. Rehman. Etios having good reviews and good feedback, after all the king TOYOTA has desined it with its special technology and looks. It competes all mid size and also Honda city, ford ikon, accent and many more sedans ranging to 10lakhs. But Etios is available for 4.5-7 lakhs. Toyota has decided to keep its cost below 7 lakhs. Isnt it great.. hmmm..

    etios-sedan images and etios-sedan wallpapers

    While Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Tata, Ford and even General Motors have accelerated their activities in the country, Toyota has been slow and late in bringing in a mass-market model. Toyota Motors launched its highly awaited sedan, Toyota Etios. The sedan can be yours for Rs. 4.96 lac (base variant) and Rs. 6.86 lac (top end variant) with a booking amount of Rs. 50,000. This is the first ever and the last (as per the company) low cost sedan from Toyota stable. The hatchback version, Toyota Etios Liva which was unveiled today will be launched in April 2011. The sedan will available in 6 colors comes with 5 variants namely Toyota Etios J, Toyota Etios G, Toyota Etios G safety, Toyota Etios V and Toyota Etios VX.

    etios-sedan images and etios-sedan wallpapers

    Most of the people prefer to buy small cars. There are many reasons behind it. Small cars are affordable and convenient to park. Toyota has always been known for manufacturing great cars. Now, Toyota has come up with its new small car named “Toyota Etios”. This car offers amazing looks and refined engine performance. It will surely be a tough competitor for other hatchbacks. Toyota has managed to bring cost efficiency in this car by lessening the manufacturing costs wherever possible. Therefore, Toyota Etios will be appropriate in terms of pricing for the Indian customers. This car can be purchased in 2 variants i.e 1.3 Liter 02 1.2 Liter gasoline unit and 1.4 Liter diesel. If you were searching for something else in the category of hatchbacks like Hyundai i20 and Fiat Punto then you can consider buying this car.

    etios-sedan images and etios-sedan wallpapers

    Toyota Etios has modern interiors which look attractive and decent. If you sit in this car, you will observe that it offers more roominess than other cars of its category. Rear defogger, rear wiper, Steering adjustment and various other features are available in this car for offering maximum comfort to the passengers. Five people can sit with ease in this car. From outside, this car looks powerful and elegant. It has a sturdy look. The compact designing of this car makes it suitable for crowded roads and parking spaces.

    The 1200 cc engine of this car offers fuel efficiency and enhanced performance. You will feel great while driving this car. It is a very pleasurable experience to sit in this car. Toyota has great expectation from this car. Toyota Etios is made for those people in India who have small families. As Toyota is trying to manufacture this car in India with locally available resources, it will be possible to offer this car at an affordable price to the customers.


    Car Body Type:
    C Segment
    Fuel Consumption:
    17.00 kmpl.
    Fuel Consumption:
    12.00 kmpl.


    Toyota Brand Name
    Solid Build Quality
    Refined Petrol Engine
    Cooled 13 litre Glove Box
    Design and Styling is too basic and bland
    Base Variant lacks power steering, power windows and remote central locking


    Value for money:


    1496cc, 4 cyl, in-line
    Engine Type:
    Maximum Power:
    89 Bhp @ 5600 rpm
    Maximum Torque:
    132 Nm @ 3000 rpm


    4265 mm
    1695 mm
    1510 mm


    Seating Capacity:
    Tyre Size:
    175/65 R14
    McPherson Strut - Torsion Beam
    Turning Circle:
    4.90 mtrs.
    Boot Space:
    595.00 ltrs.
    No Power Steering
    Front Disk, Rear Drum
    5 Manual
    Ground Clearance:
    170.00 mm
    Kerb Weight:
    900.00 kgs.
    Fuel Tank:
    Body Color Bumpers:
    ORVM Indicator:
    Xenon Headlamps:
    Trip Meter:
    Headlamp Washer:


    Parking Sensors:
    Fog Lamp:
    Traction Control:


    without Climate Control
    Power Windows:
    Central Locking:
    Remote Boot:
    Remote Fuel Filler:
    Rear Wiper:
    Rear Defogger:
    Rear Armrest:
    With Cup Holder
    Streeing Adjustment
    Driver Seat Adjustment:
    Music System:
    Leather Seats:
    Door Mirror:
    Both Side Manual
    Tinted Glass:
    Rear AC Vent:
    Folding Rear Seats:
    Sun Roof:
    on Steering:

    Auto Viper:
    Auto Headlamp:

    Fast Facts about Toyota Etios

    - Etios Launched - Four Variants - J, G, G Option, V and VX
    - Booking starts today (1st December) at Rs. 50000. Deliveries start in January 2011
    - Base Variant of Etios priced at Rs. 4.96 lakhs!!
    - Etios hatchback will be launched in march, 2011
    - The hatchback version is Etios Liva
    - The diesel variants of Etios will be be launched in June, 2011
    - Etios sedan powered by a 1496cc 4 cylinder in-line petrol engine
    - Maximum power of Etios is 89 bhp at 5600 rpm
    - Maximum torque of 132 nm at 3000 rpm
    - Centrally mounted instrument cluster and steering mounted audio controls
    - Safety features includes dual SRS airbags and ABS with EBD

    Price of Toyota Etios

    Toyota India has announced the prices of Toyota Etios:

    - Toyota Etios J - Rs. 4,96,000.00
    - Toyota Etios G - Rs. 5,46,000.00
    - Toyota Etios G Option - 5,96,000.00
    - Toyota Etios V - Rs. 6,41,000.00
    - Toyota Etios VX - Rs. 6,86,000.00

    All these prices are ex-showroom New Delhi. The base variant of Etios - Etios J is priced at Rs. 4.96 lakhs and top of the line Etios VX is priced at Rs. 6.86 lakhs. The prices of Toyota Etios seems to be very competitive considering the fact that it is a Toyota and the build quality is top notch. But less price doesn't mean that base variant will sell in huge numbers, buyers also want good looks and loads of features in a car of this segment. It is expected that the demand for "V" and "VX" variants will be more in comparison to the base variants.

    Dimensions and Luggage Space of Toyota Etios

    Toyota Etios has an overall length of 4265mm, 1695mm of width, 1510mm of height and 170mm of ground clearance. Etios carries the USP of typical toyota cars - space, comfort and reliability. Etios has a wheelbase 2550mm and sufficient luggage space of 595 litres.

    Design and Styling of Toyota Etios

    - Very basic and simple design
    - Six spoke alloy wheels
    - Rear lights resembles tail lights of Logan
    - Chrome finish smiling front grille

    On the outside, the Etios has sharp styling cues with a big smiling grille that has been high-mounted especially for India. The car has a strong shoulder line with an upward cut along the bottom of the door. Sculpted surface and dynamic character-line in the front and rear, enhance the presence of the Etios. The rear has a fluent flowing C pillar, rounded end and three-dimensional combination lamps that enrich the vehicle's exterior from different angles. The top variant of Etios features six spoke alloy wheels, Body coloured outside rear side view mirrors and door handles. But the design of Etios has nothing to boast about, it seems to be very simple, basic and bland. The Hatchback version of Etios looks much more proportioned and well balanced in comparison to bland looking sedan variant. The sporty body kit installed on the Etios Liva will not be available as a standard feature, it is expected that it will be offered as a option to the prospective buyers.

    Interiors and Comfort Features of Toyota Etios

    - Double DIN music system
    - Centrally mounted instrument cluster
    - Spacious 13 litre cooled glove box
    - Front Seats with integrated headrests
    - Steering mounted audio controls
    - Red and chrome finish gear knob
    - Large bottle holders for every door
    - Rear legroom and headroom is comfortable even for tall passengers

    Safety Features of Toyota Etios

    - Dual SRS airbags
    - ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)
    - EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution)
    - Energy absorbing body shell

    The high end models of Etios feature ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) with EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution), Energy absorbing body shell and Dual SRS front airbags. The Airbags and ABS comes optional in "G" variant of Etios and these features are standard in "V" and "VX" variants.

    To adopt to the various diverse climate and usage conditions in India, special treatment and countermeasures have been implemented:

    - Good ground clearance of 170mm
    - Under body protection to prevent damage to fuel and brake lines

    Shades Available in Toyota Etios

    Toyota Etios is available in following six shades:

    - Symphony Silver
    - Harmony Beige
    - Serene Bluish Silver
    - Vermilion Red
    - Celestial Black
    - White

    Press Release - Toyota Etios Launched

    The Etios was launched by Mr. Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota Motor Corporation and scion of Toyota’s founding family, on his maiden visit to India after taking over as the Head of the company. Also present were Mr. Akira Okabe (Senior Managing Director, TMC), Mr. Soichiro Okudaira (Managing Officer, TMC), Mr. Osamu Nagata (Managing Officer, TMC), Mr. Yoshinori Noritake (Chief Engineer - Etios, TMC), Mr. Vikram Kirloskar (Vice Chairman, TKM), Mr. Hiroshi Nakagawa (Managing Director, TKM) and Mr. Sandeep Singh (Deputy Managing Director-Marketing, TKM).

    Commenting on the launch of the Etios, Mr. Akio Toyoda, President TMC said: “ India is a key market for our overall strategic growth plans, and the launch of the Etios is definitely a milestone not only for Toyota in India but for Toyota globally. Toyota strongly believes in the ‘customer first’ philosophy, hence it was important to collect valuable feedback from our prospective customers right from the concept stage to what the Etios is today. We at Toyota believe, ‘the road makes the car’ and the Etios is a product of real-world testing on roads across India. Our testing has covered a hundred thousand kilometers on every kind of road that Indian drivers encounter, from Kolkata to Mumbai, from the Himalayan foothills to the tip of the Indian peninsula.

    We at Toyota will continue listening carefully to Indian customers to stay in touch with their changing expectations. We will respond quickly with technological development and continue providing products that Indian customers will love.”

    Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Hiroshi Nakagawa, MD TKM, said: “The Etios is very important to us, and its launch today marks the beginning of a new era for Toyota in India. In fact this launch will enable Indian customers in the middle income group to own an aspirational Toyota vehicle for the first time. I proudly also announce that production of the Etios will begin as planned in our new plant which is the most environmentally friendly automobile manufacturing plant in the country today.

    Earlier this year we announced our plans to locally produce engines and transmissions at the Toyota Kirloskar Auto Parts in the third quarter of 2012 that will help us increase the localisation content of the Etios. Toyota in India will facilitate not just economic growth but social growth as well of the region it operates in, and in turn strive to be the most loved and admired company.”

    Mr. Yoshinori Noritake, Chief Engineer of the Etios spoke about the development of the product, he said: “It was very important to understand the needs of Indian car buyers before designing an India specific car. We learnt that Indian customers are very price conscious but at the same time want space and comfort for their family, and style to enhance their status. One of the strong points of the Etios sedan is its true sedan design – designed on a sedan platform and not as a hatch with a boot – smart packaging that makes it compact at the same time spacious. More than 2000 engineers from Japan and India have worked in close collaboration over the last four years with a vision to offer Etios customers the ‘joy of ownership’ and ‘quality of life’.”

    Talking about the Etios Sales and Marketing strategy in India, Sandeep Singh, DMD-Marketing, TKM, said: “We have planned an elaborate marketing strategy to warm up to our target customer and through our various campaigns we aim to successfully establish the Etios brand in India. To start with we signed on Mr. A.R.Rahman as our Brand Ambassador to establish an instant connect between the Etios values and Indian masses. We are committed to give our customers a Q-Class experience through a sales and service network that will be expanded to 150 dealerships by the end of this year. The bookings for the Etios sedan start today and deliveries will begin in January 2011. We would also like to use this occasion to announce the name of the Hatchback version: Etios Liva, which will go on sale in April 2011.”


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